Thursday, November 02, 2006

A time to BREATHE

Or in my case, not. Instead I am taking a sick day. Yes, I have once again worn myself down to the point where I really have to go to the doctor again. But I will do whatever it takes to be able to sing next week. Oh yeah! Next weekend Die Fledermaus opens!

We have been nose deep into rehearsals for about six weeks now...We have a bit more time to rehearse in academia. Rehearsals have been going well. We have a wide range of professional levels--from first year college students to well-seasoned singers whose careers are starting to take off. The tenor playing Eisenstein is an incredible singer and very entertaining to watch. I have even been proud to find that my own voice is not tired by the end of the show.

We recently moved into the actual theatre space and have been working on the set pieces. Within the first 3 hours on the stage with props I had already broken something...Typical. The director applauded because it was the first time since we started rehearsing that he had to ask for "smaller". We just had our costume parade and I never felt more like an opera singer. I fell in love with the moment I was in costume and walked out onto the stage that was completely decked out in set pieces.
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