Friday, June 16, 2006

Candide, Or Optimism

Dear fellow bloggers and readers of my blog,

I am auditioning for a production of Candide to be performed next spring and they are asking for a 2 minute comic monologue. I have not done a monologue in years and have no idea of any really good ones. Do you have any advice or ideas?

:: posted by Bryn, 7:02 AM


I've used a really cut and pasted version of a scene between Polly Peachum and "Mac the knife" from Threepenny Opera. It's exactly cunegonde's character- funny/cute/sexy.

It starts with "Oh macky, I tried, really I really did"
Haven't pulled it out for a long time, but if youget the score with the dialogue you can choose which material you like best. good luck.
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Congratulations to the future Mrs. Vertesi!
Blogger Ariadne, at 6:54 AM  
Hi my fabulous Bryn, many congratulations, love and hugs to both you and Cam. I can't think of a more wonderful couple xxx Steph
Anonymous Steph, at 2:37 PM  

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