Saturday, May 13, 2006

From dusk 'til Don

I love it when people get excited about opera!

It is going to be a crazy weekend for Cam and I because of his show Don Giovanni FINALLY opening. We will be entertaining our soon-to-be cowboy friend Todd tonight, our parents are meeting for the first time tomorrow, and his crazy friend from Pennsylvania is in town on Sunday.

I also invited my Italian girlfriend because Giovanni is her favorite opera to listen to, but she has never seen it! She cracks me up, because here she's from Italy but her favorite opera composers are Wagner and Mozart. And she doesn't much care for Donizetti, Rossini, or Puccini! I promised her I wouldn't tell the Italian government.
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hey brynnie, i hope all went well! :) How did dad get on with your fam? how was the opera?
ooh and how was your piano exam?
Blogger Cyberlyra, at 4:07 PM  
Congratulations on Rosalinda and Cleopatra. That's awesome. I haven't been singing much lately as I've struggling with a lot of health stuff. Turns out i'm going in for a total thyroidectomy on June 6th. Scary. There is a very small chance it can cause permanent vocal paralysis which terrifies me but i don't have a choice as my thyroid has enlarged to the point where i have trouble swallowing and breathing. Anyways, that was a downer. But congrats on everything. It sounds like your career path is starting to form a pretty solid foundation:)I miss ya!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:54 AM  

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