Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Balancing Act

Since Cam has flown the coop (for the summer), I have had much time to spend with my female friends. This always seems to be the case when a girl is left to her own devices.

So, after indulging in our addictions at our favorite ice cream joint, my two girlfriends and I got to talking. One of them had just returned from the Classical Singer Convention in Pennsylvania, where one the topics discussed was couples in the business. Why aren't there more opportunities for people in their home towns, so that they can have a little stability? Wouldn't it be great if more companies would practice the hiring of people's partners? Apparently there is one company in New Mexico that does just that.

But, seriously, at some point a lot of performers leave the business to spend time with their families. Ultimately, which is more important: reaching the top alone, or making it to base camp three with good company? I understand that love and relationships are not priorities for everyone. But what if you are already waste deep in the thick of it? How do we balance our two loves to achieve success in both?
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(I'm really, really, deeply sorry for my stupidity, Bryn! I hope you'll forgive me. Sincerely and with best wishes, A.)
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