Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Right now I am sitting in Starbucks (the brand we love to hate) on CCM's campus, hyped up on caffeine after a VERY long day at work, and I have so many new important and exciting things to blog about...unfortunately, none of them are to do with music (really).

I have found a buyer for my car (great article!) which means that in T minus 7 days I will be out of debt completely! A HUGE weight off my shoulders. And we are getting Cam's grandmother's car at the end of the summer for basically free.

In the midst of locking down a graduate assistantship at Miami U., I applied for the Residence Life GA. They are now interviewing me for 3 hours on Friday for the Residence Life Director GA. I have to prepare.

And last, but not least, something to do with singing. I have my audition for Kentucky Opera this Friday (as well as my interview) and my Rosalinda audition is the following Tuesday. Wish me luck!
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