Sunday, March 12, 2006

Still No Word

I'm beginning to think that the mail system does not like me. Still no acceptance letter from Miami, though they said it was mailed out last Thursday. Plus no word from Opera North. Cam has been gone for six days and my friends have all been busy with studying for finals and their new boyfriends/girlfriends. Originally Cam was scheduled to arrive back in Cincinnati by 11:20pm, but his flight was delayed due to the weather...Now he won't get in until 12:30am.

So, today I decided to goes to Dayton Opera to see Die Fledermaus. My former CCM teacher was in the cast and it is one of the shows that Miami U. is doing next year. Many of the actors were extremely funny and amazingly talented. My favorites were John Easterlin who played the hilarious Alfred, Deborah Selig who was the charming Adele, and Ken Shaw as the frisky warden Frank. Comedy is so much harder to do than drama! I am intrigued to see how the production goes at Miami. I am going to audition for Rosalinda in April. I'll let you know how it goes!
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