Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A singer without a home

Literally. As of May 1st Cam and I do not have a home. Here's the deal: We have to downsize for next year since we will both be in school and making minimal income. Because I work for the apartment complex I was able to re-rent my apartment for the summer and then I can just live in a one-bedroom to save money while Cam is in Denver. I am still waiting to hear if I will be going elsewhere for the summer.

I do know this for sure though, I will be going to France and Scotland for a few weeks this summer with Cam and his family. They are actually renting a hamlet (and NO it's not the movie with Mel Gibson)! I am extremely excited about this. I was bitten by the travel bug last spring break when Cam's family took us to Barcelona and London. This break we are heading down south of the border to sunny Me-hi-co (that's Mexico for all you northerners). But the big trip will be the summer. After Europe, Cam and I will be bringing back a car from Vancouver. So we basically have to drive from the very northwest part of the country all the way back to Cincy. I can't wait!
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Anna Moffo has left us. Was looking through sights re: her and saw your blog. Was always a fan of hers and never understood why she refused so may film roles made available to her.Time has passed too quickly. My aunt was Nadine Conner who made it into the Met' 1n Dec.1941. Just wanted to stop by another fan of Anna's. Best wishes and hope to see your name on the Marque sometime. Paul Wood
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