Friday, March 03, 2006

Out of the Funk

Well...I'm back! I have to thank those who gave me advice about future postings and encouraged me to continue with my blog. Who knew people actually read it? ;)

It seems as though I am not only out of my blogging funk, but also my vocal funk. After a disappointing audition last week, I received some constructive criticism from my teacher that really stuck with me: you need to sing out more. I have long been guilty of singing to the size of the room. So when my audition was surprisingly in a voice studio, I held back a bit. Since that audition I have had two more where one had less than five feet between the judge's ear and my mouth (again a small studio) and the other was a nice, resonant hall. I sang full out for felt great.

I have definitely had conversations with my colleagues about university singing. What I mean by this is we all try to be "artsy fartsy" with dynamics and sing along to a piano like lieder even when we are performing arias. This type of singing would NEVER be heard over any kind of orchestra to an audience of thousands. But we think we are being musical and creative. Since my last days of undergraduate I have received the comment to "sing out" more than five times. I am just glad that it finally stuck. Remember, "Piano is a state of mind."
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Glad you're out of your funk!

And wise words about singing piano, though please don't become one of the many singers who sing everything f to fff.

One of my biggest pet peeves is in ensemble numbers: it usually starts with one singer who blasts everything, then another person thinks "well, I don't want to be covered, so I better blast too", and so on until pretty soon the whole ensemble is screaming.

And unfortunately, a lot of potentially beautiful, less loud, vocal colors are covered up by sloppy, mono-dynamic orchestra playing.
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