Saturday, March 18, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Finally! I received my official acceptance letter from Miami University of Ohio yesterday! I did get accepted to University of Louisville as well and am being offered a graduate assistantship. I am still waiting for an assistantship from Miami. It was so hard to be patient when my parents and friends would call me every day asking if I had heard anything yet...As if waiting isn't hard enough.

Isn't it nice to feel accepted? I was thinking about it yesterday. I auditioned for three undergraduate programs and was accepted into one, wait-listed for another, and rejected from the last. I do not regret going to Indiana University because I had a great time and certain things would not have been the same if I had gone elsewhere (like meeting Cam and being Miss Indiana 2003). But I wish I could have had a choice. Well...Now I do.
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hey bryn
im getting married
i need your mailing address
to send you an invitation
email me
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