Monday, March 27, 2006

Brown Sugar Baby

Well, we are back from sunny Mexico and officially back into the swing of things. I litterally had my last margarita at 8:30am San Diego time on Sunday (hey, it was five o'clock somewhere!). Cam had his first day of classes today, and I was in the office by 8:00am. Real life stinks.

Our condo in Mexico had a back porch view of the ocean. It was sunny, 75 degrees and gorgeous the entire time I was there. I came home with a very nice tan--thankfully, considering that my appearance was taking a liking to Casper. I only hope that the weather here in Cincy will improve soon and stay that way. I have spring fever, and the only remedy is more cow bell. [Haven't I used that in a previous post?]

I have been asked to audition for the part of Rosalinda in Miami U.'s production of Fledermaus for the coming fall. The audition is in two weeks and while I am in Oxford I will be interviewing for my graduate assistanship as well. We may have to relocate to Oxford for next year, though we had hoped to base out of Cincinnati. Oh do what you have to.

Cam's mum thinks that if I don't lock down a summer program I should come to France for the entire month that they will be there. Darn. I really do want to be singing in a young artist program, but plan B is starting to look pretty good ;)

After an eight-hour long work day, dinner, piano practice, a lesson, and more music practice, I now need to successfully finish unpacking and get a decent night's sleep.

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