Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dating and the Opera World

Well, I think that we are way past dating, but the same holds true for any kind of relationship that one is trying to maintain while pursuing this career...

Cam and I have been discussing my graduate study options and factoring in distance, money, and teachers. I know that I will probably go insane if I take another year off simply because it just feels so stagnant. Don't get me wrong...I have lessons and masterclasses each week, auditions every other week, and I have had a few church gigs this winter. But all in all, I hate working this day job just biding my time until something better comes along. I am a doer, not a waiter.

Thus far, here is what has been decided: I am looking into two programs that are no more than an hour-and-a-half away and that can give me good scholarship. I have already met with a teacher at one, and she is wonderful. We really hit it off...She spent two-and-a-half hours with me (at no charge!) and we were able to develop a great rapport with our musical chemistry. I am still waiting to hear from a teacher with the alternate program. I hope that I will have just as good of an experience with their faculty as well.

If neither of these programs is suitable for my needs right now, I will wait another year to attend a school further away (by then Cam will have graduated and would come with me). I am still auditioning for young artist programs that would be held during that year. If none of those opportunities works out I still have the option of spending two months back in Vancouver working with my mentor, Joe.

Ah...Decisions, decisions.
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