Saturday, December 10, 2005

Not another one...

i have truly become one of those know, the kind who can only talk about opera and who will sing anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

i used to always pride myself on being able to control my art. i hated impromptu singing and would listen and sing along to more popular music in my car. i hated it when opera singers would sing songs like "happy birthday" in the classical vocal style, or burst out singing in public venues like restaurants. but now, i can't get enough. i want to sing all the time (for any one, or anything that will listen) and i find myself listening to classical music 24/7. it just got to the point where no other music was satisfying. i had a fever, and more cowbell just wasn't doing it for me ;)

seriously, all day at work i have the classical radio station playing--the only ONE in the cincinnati area--and if ever i am in my car it's the same thing. when i get home i put on one (which usually turns into five) of the LP's from cam's and my AMAZING record collection. not to mention the time we spend practicing and singing for each other!

so what caused such a drastic change? well...the transformation truly began this past summer while i was in vancouver rebuilding my voice. for 3 months i had three lessons a week with my mentor, joseph shore (the best baritone i've heard since merrill) and practiced for an hour every day. i was growing more and more confident with my singing and truly learning how to make my instrument work correctly (about frickin' time!) when i realized it...i was in LOVE! completely in love with the sounds coming out of my mouth. now, don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that my voice is the best. i just mean that i began accepting my instrument for its capabilities and potential. i really began to actually LIKE my voice. this is a major hurdle for singers. we all tend to want what we don't have--higher notes, and bigger sound, etc. but now i feel truly ready to begin on this long, and hard journey towards becoming a member of the next "golden age" of opera singers.
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