Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New score!

well, i am now 2 for 2. cam and i just had our auditions for pine mountain music festival in ann arbor, MI. because of my work schedule, we couldn't make the 4 hour drive until the morning of the audition, and we had to drive back that night. so much to little time!

i was very excited and nervous about this audition for a few reasons:

1) they are programmed to do the magic flute
2) young artists perform the leads
3) this was my FIRST time auditioning with queen!

all in all, i sang solidly and really immersed myself in the performance. i opened with the queen's vengeance aria, then i was asked for baby doe's willow song. they told me in advance that they may have to stop me halfway through, but they DIDN'T! i ended up finishing the entire aria! cam is always very charming towards auditionees and usually strikes up a conversation with them, but by the time i was done singing i had such an endorphine rush that i could barely make out a "thank you". i left the room with a huge idiot grin on my face. not all of the notes were perfect, but i think that that was the most fun i have ever had singing for an audition! and now we play the waiting game...
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(doing the head shake thing I'm so good at)
you GO girl!

*grin* love you
Blogger Canadian Basso, at 7:50 AM  
Make that a DOUBLE on the "You Go Girl!", and this from another soprano, no less!

Green lights all the way down the road, sweetie!!!
Blogger Ariadne, at 6:44 AM  
Hearty welcome to the blogophere, Bryn. Enjoying your blog,
Blogger TJM, at 6:51 AM  

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