Friday, December 09, 2005

fatal faux pas

so here's the deal. we have all made this mistake before, but i thought i had learned my lesson by now.

i had my cincinnati opera audition tonight for their young artist program. now, being a lighter type of soprano it doesn't take much for me to warm up--10 min. max. it also doesn't take to long for me to tire out either. today was supposed to happen like so: i was scheduled to work my "normal" job from 8-11am (my boss was supposed to have a meeting that ended up being cancelled!) and then i was supposed to have a lesson at 11:30 this morning. that would have been perfection. my audition was at 6:10pm so it would have given me plenty of time to rest, relax and get ready. well, there was a glitch in the "flawless" plan: we got a ton of snow last night. so, because this bumped everyone's schedule back a couple of hours, my voice teacher and i decided to get together to warm me up right before i had to go sing. naturally, it turned into a full blown lesson--some of the best singing i have ever done--which left little voice for me when it really mattered.

oh well, you win some, and you lose some.

so far, here are my stats: i am 1 for 2. meaning that i have only been happy with my singing at one out of three auditions. why are we our own worst critics?

part of it bums me out because it costs so much money just to apply and travel to get to these opportunities. but also because i work really hard to be prepared. i always wonder what would happen if i just stopped after a bad note and said, "hold on, i'm going to start that again." would it actually fly? i would love to know if anyone has actually tried, or has heard urban legends about anyone trying that stunt.
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