Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Best Blog Ever!

ok...so this is my first blog ever. unfortunately, it has to be short and sweet because i am at work. you know, a paying gig! by day i am assistant manager of the apartment complex in which my boyfriend and i reside. by night, i am a crazy colouratura soprano...ok, so i admit it...i'm really crazy all the time.

my boyfriend is working on his masters in voice at the cincinnati college-conservatory of music. he is fortunate enough to be a basso profundo (one of ten in north america!), and a handsome one at that ; ) i am studying voice privately with a professor at the conservatory while i slave away 40 hrs. a week to make enough money to pay my bills and go back to school.

i had forgotten how nerve racking the whole audition process is, given that it has been five years since i auditioned for my undergrad--the indiana university school of music. i ended up having to take a year of in the middle of my degree to serve as miss indiana 2003, but i will write more about that later.

recently i started auditioning the summer programs--santa fe, central city, pine mountain music festival, and cincinnati's young artist program--but now i am working on grad school applications. i have narrowed it down to the four following: ccm (obviously), yale (they pay full tuition now), boston university (revamping older program, now up-and-coming), and rice (also has a lot of money to allocate).

well, so much for short and sweet. i will have another update soon...poker night is coming up, followed by my cincinnati opera audition.
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OK - you're gonna have to add a link to my blog on your site.. I'll show you how later.

Also, poke around in your blog settings. Somewhere there are settings for comments... you'll want to turn on "word verification" so that you don't get comment spam.

Yes, people will spam your comments. It's disgusting.
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Welcome to the blogosphere, you crazy coluratura! [Second the motion to add links and enable word verification (there are some creepy people out there).]

Also read down my blogroll and find Tytania Strange. She's a coluratura, too and a killer funny - real one, at that.

Then come on over and join us at our on-going e-singer therapy session, www.livejournal.com/ community/apatheticsinger. Get an alias and get into our "babystep" system. [You, too, Vertesi!]

You'll know me there as crazyspinto...
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